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Research and Development

Positioning and Navigation

Navia Robotics spends considerable time and money investing in research and development for core positioning and navigation technologies for our robotic systems. We partner with top technology companies around the world to develop accurate positioning systems and sensors and have expertise in both LIDAR and visual imaging systems and utilize our own advanced algorithms for simultaneous localization and mapping. Our latest BellaBot is the first in the service robot industry to utilize both LIDAR and visual SLAM systems for accurate positioning and repeatability, one of the most important aspects of a service robot's capabilities.
Restaurant Robots
Depth of Experience

Decades of food service experience

Our local engineering staff have decades of combined experience working in the food service and hospitality industries. We know how competitive the restaurant business is, and what it takes to improve efficiency and reduce overhead all the while improving customer satisfaction. Our restaurant robotic solutions are built on that experience and it shows, we have thousands of satisfied customers who are thrilled with using our approach of using advanced technologies in their restaurant operations. Our KettyBot and HolaBot robots are designed for very specific applications in restaurant operations that help out incredibly with labor efficiency and cost reduction.
Decentralized Networking

Multilayer Service Solution

Navia Robotics is developing flexible, network communication schemes for robots to directly communicate with other robots within the same network to quickly calculate the shortest route and make rapid decisions. Such ad-hoc networking system reduces the overhead of a centralized computing system and allows individuals robots to make decisions on the fly. The service robot nearest to the point of demand can make its way over without affecting the operation or scheduling of other robots in the area. Our original PuduBot were the first to implement such technologies and we've only improved and refined it even further with the introduction of PuduBot 2.