Vacuum 40
Premium Vacuuming Robot

Vacuum 40

Vacuum 40 is the best commercial autonomous vacuuming robot on the market. It's built to last, it's a workhorse that can handle 12,000ft² per hour of vacuuming, and has a cavernous 3 gallon dust bin to handle large areas without interruption. Features a rich plethora of sensors, including LIDAR, 3D Depth cameras, 3D ToF sensors, anti-drop sensors and collision sensors to ensure it doesn't get lost and avoids all obstacles.
Vacuum 40 robot vacuum

The Ultimate Vacuuming Robot

Vacuum 40 robot vacuum
Vacuum 40 is the ultimate autonomous vacuuming robot for larger floor spaces. Compactly designed and designed to work on various soft and hard floor types, Vacuum 40 is an ideal solution for hotels and retail space with narrow corridor aisles or mixed carpet and tile flooring. With rotating side brushes and an optional mop head, the robot can simultaneously handle vacuuming and sweeping on carpeted surfaces while also sweeping and mopping hard floor surfaces. With the advanced 3D cameras on board, it can automatically identify the type of floor and switch to the appropriate mode autonomously.
Vacuum 40 robot vacuum
Vacuum 40 robot vacuum
Vacuum 40 robot vacuum
Vacuum 40 diffuser robot vacuum
Key Features
Here are the standout features of Vacuum 40.
Vacuum 40 3-in-1 cleaning modes3-in-1 Cleaning Modes
Vacuum 40 can vacuum, sweep and dust mop, it's versatile all around.
Vacuum 40 sanitizing diffuserSanitizing/Scent Diffuser
Optional diffuser kit allows for atomizing disinfection or aroma diffusion.
Vacuum 40 floor adaptability modeFloor Adapability
Works on various floor types, whether it's low or high pile carpet or hardwood or tile or concrete flooring.
Vacuum 40 edgeless cleaningEdgeless Cleaning
With the rotating side brush and high precision sensors, Vacuum 40 is able to clean right up to the wall with no gaps in the cleaning.
Vacuum 40 24kPa vacuum suction power24kPa Powerful Suction
Super strong suction, more powerful than a corded vacuum cleaner, ensuring there is no loss of performance by deploying a robotic solution.
Vacuum 40 H13 HEPA filtrationH13 HEPA Filtration
Vacuum 40 utilizes a medical grade air purifying filter so no allergens or dust are released during operation.
Smart & Versatile
Vacuum 40 smart and versatile
Thorough cleaning and air purification
Vacuum 40 is the ultimate robot vacuum system that packs a rotating side-brush to get right up to the edge of the walls. With the advanced suite of sensors, you're guaranteed to have a clean floor with no gaps by the wall. The powerful 24kPa suction power is stronger than most corded vacuum cleaners, meaning your floors will be cleaner than a floor that's been manually vacuumed. The medical grade H13 HEPA filter ensures that the finest allergens and dust are not kicked up while vacuuming, meaning the air will be purer after running the vacuum than before.
Cleaning Made Effortless
Simply your cleaning work flow process
Vacuum 40 will make cleaning drastically easier with little need for human interference. It automatically reroutes when obstacles are positioned in its way and ensures it doesn't miss a spot for scheduled cleanings. With the optional charging dock, the robot can charge by itself without the need for someone to plug it in. The robot is accessible remotely through the mobile app to enable you to monitor and control all cleaning tasks remotely, effortlessly.
Vacuum 40 cleaning made effortless
Built To Last
Vacuum 40 built to last
Long term value with high end components
Vacuum 40 is made of durable, yet, environmentally friendly recyclable materials. It utilizes LiFePO4 batteries with long lifespan of over 2,000 charge/discharge cycles. Both the sanitizing atomizer and the scenting atomizer in the optional diffuser kit feature an ultra long lifespan, lasting 5,000 hours and 8,000 hours respectively.
Applicable Floor Types
High Pile Carpet
Low Pile Carpet
Natural Stone
Vacuum 40 specifications
Product Specifications
Machine Dimensions 27.6" x 28.4" x 34.5"
Robot Weight 176lbs
Body/Chassis Material ABS / Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
Charging Time 2 hours
Battery Life 3-18 hours (dependent on settings)
Battery Voltage 25.6v
Battery Capacity 60Ah
Speed Range 1-2 mph, adjustable
Incline Capability 4° max incline angle while cleaning
Minimum Aisle Width 34"
Dust Bag Capacity 3 gallons
Sweeper Brush Cleaning Width Per Pass 24"
Roller Brush Cleaning Width Per Pass 15"
Maximum Vacuum Pressure 24kPa
Maximum Coverage Per Hour Up to 12,000ft² per hour
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