Premium Service Robot


Our latest premium service delivery robot, BellaBot inherits all the iterative advancements of the previous generation models while incorporating the latest human-robot interaction capabilities. Featuring voice recognition, cute animations, redundant obstacle avoidance systems and many other new functions, BellaBot provides customers with the ultimate food delivery robot experience. BellaBot can calculate and make decisions on its own, and also work with Pudu scheduler to communicate with other BellaBots which means efficient delivery at all times. BellaBot also features the Pudu cloud platform, a powerful cloud interlligent service, it's an operation and maintenance platform that provides the user a wide variety of usage data to ensure automated operation and maintenance of the robots so you can use them most effectively.
Industry first dual SLAM system
BellaBot features an industry exclusive dual SLAM solution for accurate location positioning and obstacle avoidance. Most other solutions only utilize either a singular laser SLAM solution or a visual SLAM solution, but our latest BellaBot utilizes both to provide the highest levels of positional accuracy in the industry. That means whether you have a dozen tables or a hundred, BellaBot will be able to go to the correct table consistently, making your job easier and not having to worry about any mix-ups with customers. If you're looking for a robot waiter than can deliver food, look no further than BellaBot!
Ergonomic and Aesthetic Design
BellaBot was made with form and function in mind, with flowing curves and sharp edges in all the right places. The ergonomics are designed for easy human interaction, including screen tilt angle, device height and easily accessible trays.
Bellabot front view
Bellabot top view
Bellabot rear view
3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance
BellaBot is equipped with multiple sensors that sense the surrounding in both 2D and 3D, all in a compact modular chassis. It can stop immediately when an obstacle is detected and comes with an advanced suspension system to prevent items on the trays from tipping over.
2cm minimum height obstacle detection
5400 times per minute obstacle scanning frequency
192.64° wide obstacle detection angle
35ft front obstacle detection range
Light Interaction
BellaBot has multiple status lights to easily communicate the status of the device with the customer. Light interactions can also be customized for your specific needs. With its multinodal interaction capabilities, BellaBot makes it naturally easy to work with for human operators.
Bellabot top lights
Bellabot tray lights
Bellabot ear lights
Touch Feedback
BellaBot has an integrated touch sensor to interact with the customer, bringing forth a new level of interactivity with service robots.
Bellabot haptic sensors
Interactive Expressions
BellaBot comes preprogrammed with dozens of original facial expressions, which allow customers to playfully interact with the unit. With its cute bot cat expressions, BellaBot is the only robot cat waiter on the market!
Bellabot animated kitty facial expressions
Infrared Induction Sensor Tray
Modular structure for quick disassembly and compact stowage. Sensors are embedded over the trays to determine if the tray is occupied or empty.

Bellabot tray sensors
Hot swappable battery system
For most operations, battery life is sufficient to last throughout the day, but for 24/7 high volume operations, it's possible to swap the battery to keep the BellaBot running non-stop.

Bellabot hot swappable battery
RGBD depth cameras
3 x RGBD depth cameras provide BellaBot with better three-dimensional visual perception than ever before. It can accurately detect obstacles and come to a stop with a response time as short as half a second.

Bellabot sensors
Independent Linkage Suspension
Auto-leveling adaptive variable suspension system is built-in to the wheel assembly to dampen the robot from sudden braking and vibration. Damping levels can be adjusted according to different floor compositions and speed requirements.

Bellabot suspension system
Bellabot cat serving robot
Product Specifications
Machine Dimensions 22.3" x 21.2" x 50.8"
Robot Weight 130lbs
Body/Chassis Material ABS / Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
Charging Time 4.5 hours
Battery Life 12-24 hours (also hot-swappable)
Battery Voltage 25.2v
Battery Capacity 25.6Ah
Dispatching 20 networked units per floor plan
Speed Range 1-2.5 mph, adjustable
Incline Capability 5° max incline angle
Minimum Aisle Width 28"
Load Capacity 90lbs total, 22.5lbs per tray
Visual Positioning Using over-head markers - maximum height of 25 feet
LIDAR Positioning No height restriction but requires stationary objects for mapping
Obstacle Detection 1.5" x 2" x 4" minimum object size
MSRP Price Starts at $15899 + freight/installation/sales tax
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