PuduBot 2
Smart Restaurant Robot

PuduBot 2

PuduBot 2 is the next generation restaurant workhorse with dual LIDAR sensors and vertical visual SLAM sensor for better, accurate positioning, large expansive easy to access trays, and fully sealed water resistant construction, it does everything you need from an intelligent restaurant robot with aplomb.
Industry leading visual SLAM system
PuduBot 2 features next generation SLAM solution for accurate location positioning and obstacle avoidance. It incorporates edge detection imaging algorithms to detect patterns in the ceiling to match that to its internal database to accurately determine its position in its operating environment in real time. In addition to the visual SLAM sensors, two LIDAR sensors, one with full 360° viewing range ensures the PuduBot 2 can react to the presence of obstacles in the blink of an eye. That means whether you have a dozen tables or a hundred, PuduBot 2 will be able to go to the correct table consistently, making your job easier and not having to worry about any mix-ups with customers.
• Adjustable Trays
3 x metal trays, 20.5" x 17.0" each

• Interactive Light Strip
Easy tray identification

• Dual LIDAR Positioning
New generation laser based mapping system

• High Fidelty Speakers
Clear audio with powerful 2 x 30w speakers
Pudubot 2 Close Up
• Visual Positioning
Accompanies LIDAR mapping

• All Aluminum Frame
Aerospace grade alloy provides rigidity and strength

• 3D Obstacle Avoidance
3D vision sensors for robustness

• Suspension System
Avoid spills on rough patches or abrupt stops
• Optional Protective Tray Cover
❖ Modular design
❖ Easy to install
❖ Contactless delivery
❖ Enhanced food safety
Pudubot 2 dish cover
• Water Resistant Enclosure
Pudubot 2 comes with a fully enclosed chassis that is resistant to splashes and spills. If you get any liquids on it, simply wipe it off with a dry rag and you're good to go!
• Independent Linkage Suspension
Advanced suspension system ensures the smoothest delivery in the industry. Pudubot 2 is stable enough to handle delivery of drinks and soups with appropriate flooring.
Pudubot 2 independent linkage suspension
Pudubot 2 lithium iron phosphate battery
• LFP battery pack
Pudubot 2 uses a high performance lithium iron-phosphate battery pack for longer battery cycle life and enhanced safety. Operates up to 24 hours on a single 3 hour charge and good for 2000+ charge cycles.
• Optional Charging Dock
With the optional charging dock, Pudubot 2 can go charge itself when not in use, without manual intervention. Even when it is charging, it's on standby to take on a task at a moment's notice.
Pudubot 2 automatic charging station
Pudubot 2 restaurant robot
Product Specifications
Machine Dimensions 22.9" x 21.1" x 50.8"
Tray Dimensions 20.5" x 17.0"
Robot Weight 86lbs
Body/Chassis Material ABS / Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
Charging Time 3 hours
Battery Life 10-24 hours
Battery Voltage 25.2v
Battery Capacity 25.6Ah
Dispatching 20 networked units per floor plan
Speed Range 1-2.5 mph, adjustable
Incline Capability 5° max incline angle
Minimum Aisle Width 32"
Load Capacity 88lbs total, 22lbs per tray
Number of Trays Comes standard with 3 trays, 7 trays maximum
Visual Positioning Using over-head markers - maximum height of 25 feet
LIDAR Positioning No height restriction but requires stationary objects for mapping
Obstacle Detection 1.5" x 2" x 4" minimum object size
MSRP Price Starts at $12999 + freight/installation/sales tax
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