Large Capacity Delivery Robot


For large carrying capacity, look no further, HolaBot is at your service. With intelligent paging and voice control function, HolaBot is designed to boost efficiency and productivity in restaurants, hospitals, warehouses and factories. Specifically designed for bussing tables and delivering food and inventory items, HolaBot is a heavy duty food service robot that will improve the efficiency of your food service operation. The HolaBot product line is designed with LIDAR sensors and RGBD sensors to accurate determine its location and navigate to its destination. The HolaBot is apt to grow with your business with a built in multi robot mode that allows communication with multiple units so you can have a fleet that synchronizes delivery and returns automatically without additional manual involvement. For reliable, repeatable, consistency, HolaBot is the way to go to incorporate service robotics into your operations, smoothly and efficiently.

Ultra Large Capacity

HolaBot has a 132lb carrying capacity with a maximum volume of nearly 40 gallons. 4 large capacity trays allow you to stow away large amounts of dishes, products or any other goods from one point to the next, with contactless voice activated cues to turn the robot around for loading and unloading. The trays can also be detached for larger, taller items. With a large hot-swappable battery that can easily last 12 hours, HolaBot has the endurance to meet the most demanding work environments.
Holabot large capacity

• Paging Function

HolaBot comes with a paging function, a watch sized device to automatically page the robot to your location to save time by not having to track down the robot when you need it.

• Voice Recognition

Simply call out "Hola Hola" and the HolaBot robot will turn around upon arrival for easy loading and unloading.

• Air Touch

Just wave your hand above the sensor on the top of the HolaBot unit to have the robot return to its base. No need to touch the return button if your hands are wet or dirty.

IPX5 Waterproof Cabin

The HolaBot's cabin area is IPX5 rated to take on various liquids splashing while operating. Simply wipe it off with a damp towel for easy cleaning.
Holabot waterproof cabin

Different Operating Scenarios

The HolaBot can be used in various different environments, such as restaurants and hospitals as shown below. Other novel uses include banks, pharmacies, factories, warehouses and order fulfillment centers, auto/truck repair facilities among others.
Holabot restaurant deployment
Holabot hospital deployment
Holabot service robot

Product Specifications

Machine Dimensions 21.3" x 20.9" x 48.3"
Robot Weight 132lbs
Body/Chassis Material ABS / Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
Charging Time 4.5 hours
Battery Life 10-24 hours (also hot-swappable)
Dispatching 20 networked units per floor plan
Speed Range 0.5-2.5 mph, adjustable
Incline Capability 5° max incline angle
Minimum Aisle Width 27.6"
Load Capacity 132lbs total, 33lbs per tray
Visual Positioning Using over-head markers - maximum height of 25 feet
LIDAR Positioning No height restriction but requires stationary objects for mapping
Obstacle Detection 1.5" x 2" x 4" minimum object size

Pager Specifications

Waterproof Rating: IP67
Network Protocol: LoRa AdHoc Network Communication
Max Floorspace Coverage: 30000ft²
LCD Screen Specs: 1.3" color TFT screen
MSRP Price Starts at $17999 + freight/installation

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?
HolaBot comes with a hot-swappable battery. If you have a spare battery that's being charged on standby, you could theoretically run the robot 24/7. We have deployed some robots in 24/7 establishments, primarily in Asian countries, but here in the US, we haven't seen any customers have issues with the battery lasting all day during a typical business day.

How much training is needed to use it?
When we deploy the HolaBot on site at your location, we will go over all the operational aspects of the robot with you and your staff. Generally, the interface is extremely intuitive and it only takes minutes for your staff to be fully up to par on its general use. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions and go over all standard operating procedures of the robot.

How much is a HolaBot?
The HolaBot starts at an MSRP of $17,999. The pricing is set by the manufacturer, all authorized dealers are required to abide by this pricing policy. Please call to find out exact details on the pricing, we will match the price quoted by any authorized dealer.

What do I need to prepare at my facility?
Fill out an inquiry for a free consultation at the bottom of this page for more details. Our engineers will go over all the fundamental requirements on your facility, such as aisle width, types of walls and surfaces you have to ensure the robot will be able to freely navigate and move around. If there's one thing above all else that's of importance, you should designate a stand-by location for the robot to be stationed. This would be the spot where the robot returns to after it makes its delivery, it is quintessential to have a spot that is easy to reach and out of the way of people traffic to ensure the robot will be the insanely helpful assistant it can be!

How many units can I deploy at a given location?
Up to 15 units can be deployed on one mapped area. If there are multiple floors, each floor would be its own map so you can have 15 robots operating per floor. The HolaBot can communicate with KettyBot, BellaBot and PuduBot so you can have different models accomplish different tasks for the given floorplan.

What are the best use cases for HolaBot?
Our most common use cases for HolaBot is as a table bussing robot. It would be stationed somewhere near the dining area just out of sight so when the robot is dispatched, it can quickly make its way to the table that needs to be cleaned up. With the optional smartwatch, the busser can dispatch the robot as they make their way to the table, start loading the bussing tubs with all the dirty plates and cups, and when the robot arrives, they can quickly load the tubs into the robot. As soon as the trays are loaded, the robot will head to the preassigned dishwashing area where it will wait until the trays are unloaded. As soon as the attendant dishwasher removes the trays, HolaBot will make its way back to the original station.Other uses of the HolaBot have been for assisting in order fulfillment and parts delivery in logistics and manufacturing facilities. The options are endless!

How stable is the robot platform?
We've tested all the robots that we offer and these are the models we feel most confident deploying. There's a reason we don't carry robots from other manufacturers or brands, they simply didn't pass the muster when it comes to the stability of the hardware and the software. We've tested the robots on various floor surfaces and various lighting conditions, walls and furniture, with various sensors, including various accelerometers to measure how smoothly the robots make their delivery. Out of all the various robots, the ones listed on our site are by far the smoothest and most stable. If our robots can't deliver drinks and soups at your premise without spilling, the other robots out there will be worse off!

How does the robot handle people traffic and children in the way?
The HolaBot can detect obstacles from 30 feet away with the LIDAR unit, and can see moving objects, such as people or service animals from 6 feet away. If it detects a risk of collision, it immediately slows down or changes course to avoid the obstacle. Unless you're intentionally moving towards the robot without looking in its direction, it'd be incredibly difficult for the robot to bump into you. We've had no issues with the robot running into people in the field, it could only theoretically happen if the operator didn't keep the sensors clean and unobstructed.

How can I pay to purchase a HolaBot?
We offer multiple payment options for you to procure the robot. You can pay in full by company check or credit card, or make installments on a lease-to-own plan with one of our third party financiers. Simply fill out the lease application to get terms for 2 year, 3 year, and up to 5 year plans. The lease-to-own option is great for businesses as it allows you to deduct the leasing costs of the equipment, and it may also qualify for IRS Section 179 deductions as well, consult with your accountant to find out more details on the IRS Section 179 deductions.

How much money can I save with HolaBot?
Our customers have saved anywhere from a few thousand a month to tens of thousands a month on labor costs by deploying HolaBots. It all comes down to how you implement the robots, these are merely tools at the end of the day and without your involvement, tools can only go so far. In California, the average cost for front end staff has been a minimum of $3000 a month with some parts reaching as high as $6000. A HolaBot usually costs less than $1000 a month for a 24 month lease, the savings are pretty obvious. How to achieve the best cost reduction comes down to how innovative your operations are.

If you're running a fast casual restaurant or full service restaurant, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be using a HolaBot to bus tables. Even fine dining operations have come to appreciate the helpfulness of these robots, in bussing tables discreetly and reducing the carrying burden on their workers. And at the end of the day, the social media marketing value is incalculable, it brings immense awareness and attention to your facility as one that's leading edge in restaurant innovation!


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