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Phantas is the ultimate commercial floor cleaning robot compactly designed specifically for smaller footprints with its unique ability to reach under tables and desks with its lower profile. Driven by deep learning AI algorithms and an advanced sensor suite, including LIDAR, 3D depth cameras, anti-drop sensors and collision sensors, it can handle dynamic environments and adjust its path on the fly to ensure there aren't any missed spots when cleaning. Class leading productivity with a speed of up to 7,500ft² per hour, it scrubs, it sweeps, it mops and vacuums all in a tiny package.
Phantas cleaning robot

The Ultimate Floor Scrubbing Robot

Phantas cleaning robot front
Phantas is an advanced commercial floor cleaning robot that integrates 4 cleaning modes with unrivaled versatility and usability across various floor types. It can scrub, sweep, mop and vacuum on the fly, switching modes automatically with its smart sensor suite that can identify the floor type and select the optimal mode for best cleaning effect. With the industry leading navigation algorithms, Phantas is able to locate and plan the cleaning path in real time to ensure the robot never gets lots and no spot is missed. The rotating side brush goes right up to the edge of the wall for an industry leading 0mm edge cleaning capability.
Phantas cleaning robot quarter
Phantas cleaning robot top
Phantas cleaning robot side
Phantas cleaning robot rear
Key Features
Here are the standout features of Phantas.
Phantas easy passageEasy Passage
Phantas can navigate aisles as narrow as 21.7", easily passing through doorways and handling obstacles with aplomb.
Phantas best in class sensingBest In Class Sensing
Phantas is equipped with LIDAR, 3D depth cameras and RGB cameras for faster and more accurate positioning, better adaptation to a dynamic environment and quicker reaction to obstacles.
Phantas mapping processHassle Free Mapping Process
The mapping and map editing process is easy and hassle-free with the available mobile app, making it a cinch to deploy the robot after remodeling or renovations to your floor plan.
Phantas edgeless cleaningEdgeless Cleaning
With the rotating side brush and high precision sensors, Phantas is able to clean right up to the wall with no gaps in the cleaning.
Phantas vacuumingPowerful Vacuum
Strong vacuuming suction for cleaning dust from carpeted surfaces. Up to 4.5 hours battery life when operating in vacuuming mode.
Phantas sweepingEfficient Floor Sweeping
Ultra long lasting with up to 18 hours of battery life in floor sweeping mode, ideal for cleaning larger areas on a daily basis.
Phantas floor scrubbingFloor Scrubbing Mode
Powerful floor scrubbing mode to keep hard surface clean of dirt and grime, lasts up to 4.5 hours per charge when running in this mode.
Phantas dust moppingDust Mopping Capability
Efficient dust mopping mode for hard surfaces that lasts up to 10 hours per charge, Phantas automatically lowers and raises the dust mop by detecting the floor type.
Cleaning Made Effortless
Phantas dynamic mapping
Hassle free mapping and navigation
Setting up the map for Phantas is easy and hassle free with the available mobile app. In dynamic environments where chairs and desks are constantly moved around, Phantas utilizes its advanced sensor suite to update the path in real-time to ensure all reachable areas are cleaned. Phantas also offers different path planning modes for you to select based on what is ideal for your floor plan, including a zig-zag path mode and a spiral path mode.
Compact Yet Powerful
Every inch matters.
Phantas is the most compact commercial floor cleaning robot in its class, with a length of just 21.3", width of 17.3", and a height of 24.3". It can navigate through aisles as narrow as 21.7", far narrower than anything else out there in this category. It's able to navigate under desks and tables with just a 25.6" height clearance requirement and with the rotating side brush and depth sensors, Phantas can hug walls to ensure it doesn't miss a spot. The sensor suite also ensures the right cleaning mode is selected for the type of floor it encounters, for example, raising and lowering the dust mop when it detects the transition between a hard floor and a carpeted surface.
Phantas tight clearance
Smart & Adaptable
Phantas spot cleaning
Maximize cleaning productivity and floor coverage
Phantas incorporate the groundbreaking auto spot cleaning mode in its path planning that allows for unparalleled efficiency and floor coverage. When operating in this mode, the robot scans the cleanliness of the floor and autonomously performs spot cleaning where it detects dust and debris. If it encounters trash too large for it to clean, the robot will notify the operator via the mobile app. By cleaning only where it is needed, Phantas can cover up to 400% more area per hour and significantly reduces the usage of water, energy and cleaning chemicals.
Applicable Floor Types
High Pile Carpet
Low Pile Carpet
Natural Stone
Phantas specifications
Product Specifications
Machine Dimensions 21.3" x 17.3" x 24.3"
Robot Weight 106lbs
Body/Chassis Material ABS / Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
Charging Time 2 hours
Battery Life 5-18 hours (dependent on settings)
Battery Voltage 25.6v
Battery Capacity 20Ah
Speed Range 1-1.8 mph, adjustable
Incline Capability 8° max incline angle while cleaning
Minimum Aisle Width 21.7"
Dust Bag Capacity One week typical operation
Trash Bin Capacity 0.2 gallons
Cleaning Width Per Pass 16.2"/vacuum, 13"/scrubbing
Maximum Coverage Per Hour 7,500ft²
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