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DrinkBot Pro

DrinkBot Pro is the best robot barista on the market today, with its amazing throughput and capabilities. Far more effective and efficient compared to other robot baristas, DrinkBot Pro can craft premium coffees, teas, milk teas, lemonade, frescas and fruit cocktails, smoothies and more! Quick and easy to use, DrinkBot Pro allows you to queue up orders and automatically dispenses drinks consistently every time. If you're a restaurant looking to expand your beverage menu, look no further.
Premium Craft Drinks on Demand
Are you tired of waiting in long lines and struggling to catch the attention of busy bartenders or overwhelmed servers? Say goodbye to those hassles and step into the future of beverage service with DrinkBot Pro, the cutting-edge robot drink dispenser that's set to redefine how you enjoy your favorite drinks! Delight guests with high quality drinks, consistently and efficiently made each and every time. Designed to bring convenience, speed, and a touch of innovation to any food service establishment, DrinkBot Pro is the ultimate solution for all your beverage needs. Whether you're a large full-scale restaurant, a bustling bar, or running a small mom & pop operation, this futuristic marvel is here to deliver an unforgettable experience like no other.

Dispense Drinks with Ease

Join the beverage revolution and be at the forefront of innovation with DrinkBot Pro. Taking up less than 5 square feet of floor space, DrinkBot Pro allows even the smallest of kitchens to add a wide variety of beverages on tap. Winner of the 2022 National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations Award, DrinkBot Pro is far more practical than those fancy barista robots with expensive 6 axis motion arms that are very fragile and costly to maintain. Generate additional revenue quickly with minimal training and maintenance, see why thousands of restaurants around the world are adding our craft beverages to their menu!
The Botrista DrinkBot Pro Advantage
A soda fountain machine is limited to dispensing soda syrup, which are full of artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup. They can only handle low viscosity syrups of around 20 centipoise (cps). DrinkBot Pro can handle juice purées, plant based milk concentrates, natural cane sugar syrup and honey up to a thousand times thicker, with viscosity values over 10000 centipose (cps). No other beverage dispenser on the market has the capability to dispense such concentrates, and only DrinkBot Pro utilize values with two liquid tubing lines per ingredient to regularly flush out the syrups for cleaning and maintenance.
Botrista DrinkBot Core Technology
Syrup vs Purée
More liquidy, thinner texture
Fruit-flavored only
Contains more added sugar
Thicker, smoother texture
Contains natural fruit juice
Richer-tasting flavor

Drink Categories

So many drink categories and endless beverage choices to pair with any type of restaurant. Here are a select few of our best selling examples, there are many many more that you can choose with our flavor specialist.
Botrista DrinkBot Iced Tea
Botrista DrinkBot Lemonade
Botrista DrinkBot Coffee
Botrista DrinkBot Milk Tea
Our specially sourced tea served on its own or blended with natural flavors to deliver a one-two punch of perfection, so tea time can be any time.
We have gone to great lengths to squeeze more flavor out of lemons by combining everyone's favorite sour fruit with naturally sweet flavors.
Our robust coffee is paired with your flavor choice, and oat milk adds delectable flavors to our lattes. Give your guests a reason to become their "coffee stop".
The innovation pipeline for reimagined coffees and teas extends from the bubble tea shops of pan-Asian regions to adult beverages.
Top Selling Flavors
• Peach Sweet Tea
• Mango Green Tea
• Pomegranate Iced Tea
• Cranberry Iced Tea
Top Selling Flavors
• Passion Fruit Lemonade
• Rose Lemonade
• Strawberry Mint Lemonade
• Tropical Lemonade
(Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit)
Top Selling Flavors
• Vanilla Iced Coffee
• Chocolate Coffee Latte
• Mint Mojito Iced Coffee
• Salted Caramel Coffee Latte
Top Selling Flavors
• Classic Thai Tea
• Ube Milk Tea
• Ube Milk Tea
• Classic Milk Tea
Botrista DrinkBot Plant Based
Botrista DrinkBot Sparkling
Botrista DrinkBot Smoothie and Milkshake
Botrista DrinkBot Cocktail
Snacking can create incremental occasions, often outside of peak mealtimes, and consumption of flavored milk in foodservice has doubled from 2018.
From Gen Z to Boomers, requests for effervescent drinks and healthier alternatives to sodas keep pouring in.
Our quality ingredients result in a better - and consistent - product. Drive incremental visits by offering beverages as snacks outside of peak meal times.
Cocktails stand out from other alcoholic drinks as they offer variety, uniqueness and craft expertise to restaurant’s beverage services.
Top Selling Flavors
• Creamy Mango Strawberry
• Delight Chocolate Peanut
• Butter Salted Caramel
Top Selling Flavors
• Pineapple Orange
• Strawberry Mango
• Pomegranate
• Hibiscus Rose
Top Selling Flavors
• Creamy Mango
• Strawberry Delight
• Chocolate Peanut Butter Salted Caramel
Top Selling Flavors
• Passion Fruit Vodka
• Lychee Mango Soju
• Red Guava Cocktail
• Mai Tai
Botrista DrinkBot Tiki Drinks
Botrista DrinkBot Agua Fresca
Botrista DrinkBot Energy Drink
Botrista DrinkBot Immunity Booster
Channel the islands with these blended fresh fruit flavors. No rum needed (but it can certainly be added!)
A flavorful way to hydrate…light and refreshing drinks somewhere between fruit juice and fruit infused water.
Our Fresh Force line gives customers their energy fix made fresh to order instead of from a bottle or can. Guests can decide the level of energy they want in their beverage.
58% of guests say they would be willing to buy beverages that support their immune system. These great tasting drinks have Vitamin A, C and D - good for the body and mind.
Top Selling Flavors
• Lychee Peach Green Tea
• Orange Cranberry Black Tea
• Passion Fruit Rose Lemonade
• Hibiscus Black Tea Lemonade
Top Selling Flavors
• Watermelon Peach
• Pineapple Orange
• Guava Mango
• Hibiscus Strawberry
Top Selling Flavors
• Fuel 50/50 Tea Lemonade
• Strong Strawberry Lemonade
• Lively Hibiscus Lemonade
• Ready Red Guava Green Tea
Top Selling Flavors
• Strawberry Green Tea
• Cranberry Orange Lemonade
• Pomegranate Iced Tea
• Passion Fruit Mango Green Tea
Botrista Flavor Profile
Choose The Perfect Drinks for Your Menu
Our endless number of flavors and options means we can ensure your beverage menu complements your food and brand.
Botrista DrinkBot beverage robot
Product Specifications
Machine Dimensions 26.8" x 30.8" x 65.2"
Robot Weight 440lbs dry weight
Body/Chassis Material Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Electrical Requirements Standard US 110-120v, 15A
BiB Capacity 4 room temp, 8 cold temp, 12 total
Total Capacity 300+ x 12oz servings
Maximum Throughput 120 drinks/hour
Certification NSF 18
Electrical Requirements 15 amp outlet within 3ft
Water Inlet Requirements 3/8" OD compression, 2GPM flow rate minimum
Water Filtration Requirements Water Filter must meet NSF/ANSI 42
Drainage Requirements 1" NPT within 4ft
Connectivity Requirements WiFi or Wired Ethernet
Clearance Requirements 6" required on sides/back
MSRP Price Starts at $18999 + freight/installation/sales tax162
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