Reception & Delivery Robot


KettyBot is our reception and greeting specialist robot. With a large 18.5" display screen, it can cruise around the entrance displaying marketing ads, escort guests to their table all the while retaining the ability to carry loads in the built-in trays. It's capable of AI voice interaction with guests to catch their attention and impress! KettyBot can not only take customers to their tables, it has a built in multi-robot cooperation mode that allows the robot to coordinate and communicate with other KettyBots on the same floor plan to efficiently conduct optimal path planning. With its minimalist design concept, KettyBot has an elegant appearance with a large seamless screen that can display promotional marketing content. An impressive auto charging function for all day service is made possible with the optional charging dock station.

KettyBot in Action


Compact Design for Tight Spaces

KettyBot is our smallest service robot and with its round footprint and forward-leaning body shape, it can navigate between spaces just 21.7" wide or a clearance of only 55cm making it an ideal choice in complex and crowded environments.

Billboard on Wheels

KettyBot features a large 18.5" display right at the front and center of the robot to catch your customer's attention. The centered ad display perfectly adapts to the customer angle of view as it makes it way around the path. The display can show promotional materials in customized zones, providing an eye-catching approach to marketing. It's literally a billboard on wheels!

Impress your Customers

KettyBot features built in AI voice integration, allowing it to intelligently greet guests and interact with passing customers. It's cute, it's eye-catching, it naturally attracts attention without being pushy!

Multi-table Delivery Mode and Cruise Mode

KettyBot can be used to deliver food to tables. Built-in queuing system allows you to punch in the destination of the food to two different tables for the two different trays with optimal path planning. KettyBot can also be set to cruise mode to roam around the premises and catch the attention of passersbys.
Multi-table queued delivery
Cruise mode

Automatic Navigation

Built-in LIDAR and visual sensors allow for better obstacle detection, accurate positioning and safer operations. Internal mapping algorithms allow the KettyBot to determine its positioning and optimal path to its destination.
Kettybot navigation system

Multi-robot Coordination and Cooperation

KettyBot can coordinate operations with additional units within the same network to operate quickly and efficiently. The robots can coordinate their movements to avoid interrupting each other.

Optional Auto Docking and Charging

KettyBot provides voice alerts and on screen notifications when the battery level gets too low and automatically returns to the optional docking station to recharge. No need to worry about manually charging the robot, KettyBot takes care of that on its own!
Kettybot serving robot

Product Specifications

Machine Dimensions 17.8" x 17.2" x 43.5"
Robot Weight 84lbs
Display Size 18.5"
Body/Chassis Material ABS / Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
Charging Time 4.5 hours
Battery Life 8-12 hours (also self-charging)
Battery Voltage 25.2v
Battery Capacity 25.6Ah
Dispatching 20 networked units per floor plan
Speed Range 0.5-2.5 mph, adjustable
Incline Capability 5° max incline angle
Minimum Aisle Width 21.7"
Load Capacity 66lbs total, 22.5lbs per tray
Visual Positioning Using over-head markers - maximum height of 25 feet
LIDAR Positioning No height restriction but requires stationary objects for mapping
Obstacle Detection 1.5" x 2" x 4" minimum object size
MSRP Price Starts at $10999 + freight/installation/sales tax

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?
KettyBot's battery lasts 8-12 hours on average. If you have a particularly demanding usage application, an optional charging dock is available. With the optional charging dock, KettyBot will automatically go to the dock to recharge when the battery gets below a set level you can select. As with the BellaBot, it isn't common for the battery to run out during a work shift here in the US, we haven't seen any customers have issues with the battery lasting all day during a typical business day.

How much training is needed to use it?
When we deploy the KettyBot on site at your location, we will go over all the operational aspects of the robot with you and your staff. Generally, the interface is extremely intuitive and it only takes minutes for your staff to be fully up to par on its general use. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions and go over all standard operating procedures of the robot.

How much is a KettyBot?
The KettyBot starts at an MSRP of $10,999. The pricing is set by the manufacturer, all authorized dealers are required to abide by this pricing policy. Please call to find out exact details on the pricing, we will match the price quoted by any authorized dealer.

What color options are available on the KettyBot?
Our KettyBot is available in an all yellow variant and white with yellow accents variant. The vast majority of our customers do opt for the white with yellow accents variant in case you were wondering!

What do I need to prepare at my facility?
Fill out an inquiry for a free consultation at the bottom of this page for more details. Our engineers will go over all the fundamental requirements on your facility, such as aisle width, types of walls and surfaces you have to ensure the robot will be able to freely navigate and move around. If there's one thing above all else that's of importance, you should designate a stand-by location for the robot to be stationed. This would be the spot where the robot returns to after it takes the guests to their seat, it is quintessential to have a spot that is easy to reach and out of the way of people traffic to ensure the robot will be the insanely helpful assistant it can be!

How many units can I deploy at a given location?
Up to 15 units can be deployed on one mapped area. If there are multiple floors, each floor would be its own map so you can have 15 robots operating per floor. The KettyBot can communicate with BellaBot, HolaBot and PuduBot so you can have different models accomplish different tasks for the given floorplan.

What are the best use cases for KettyBot?
Our most common use cases for KettyBot is as a receptionist/escorting robot. It would be normally be stationed near the front of the restaurant and when guests come in, the human receptionist would greet them, input the table number on the robot and have the guests follow KettyBot to their table. Typically our operators place menus, tableware and napkins on the robot's tray so the guests can grab them from the robot when they get seated. The other most common application of KettyBot is in shopping malls and plazas to roam around outside the establishment to hand out free samples or bring awareness to your restaurant. It's cheaper than hiring a part timer to go around handing out samples all day and all the more eyecatching as it's a robot, a real live robot!

How stable is the robot platform?
We've tested all the robots that we offer and these are the models we feel most confident deploying. Having said that, KettyBot does have a smaller footprint than the other robots we offer and as a result, is not the most ideal for food delivery unless you have a very smooth floor. As KettyBot has a cantilevered tray design, the trays will not be nearly as stable as BellaBot, PuduBot, PuduBot 2 or HolaBot.

How does the robot handle people traffic and children in the way?
The KettyBot can detect obstacles from 30 feet away with the LIDAR unit, and can see moving objects, such as people or service animals from 6 feet away. If it detects a risk of collision, it immediately slows down or changes course to avoid the obstacle. Unless you're intentionally moving towards the robot without looking in its direction, it'd be incredibly difficult for the robot to bump into you. We've had no issues with the robot running into people in the field, it could only theoretically happen if the operator didn't keep the sensors clean and unobstructed.

How can I pay to purchase a KettyBot?
We offer multiple payment options for you to procure the robot. You can pay in full by company check or credit card, or make installments on a lease-to-own plan with one of our third party financiers. Simply fill out the lease application to get terms for 2 year, 3 year, and up to 5 year plans. The lease-to-own option is great for businesses as it allows you to deduct the leasing costs of the equipment, and it may also qualify for IRS Section 179 deductions as well, consult with your accountant to find out more details on the IRS Section 179 deductions.

How much money can I save with KettyBot?
Our customers have typically saved thousands a month on labor costs and marketing costs by deploying KettyBots. It all comes down to how you implement the robots, these are merely tools at the end of the day and without your involvement, tools can only go so far. In California, the average cost for front end staff has been a minimum of $3000 a month with some parts reaching as high as $6000. A KettyBot costs less than $600 a month for a 24 month lease, the savings are pretty obvious. How to achieve the best cost reduction comes down to how innovative your operations are.

If you're running a fast food or fast casual restaurant, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be using a BellaBot to deliver food to your guests, unless you're running a Panda Express/Chipotle/Subway style operation. If you're not delivering food to your customers in your fast food restaurant, these robots definitely add value to your brand's customer service reputation. Another useful application of KettyBot is in retail and supermarkets where the robot can be displaying promotional merchandise while cruising around the establishment. It's far more beneficial for vendors to utilize the robots to catch the attention of customers compared to product placement on islands and endcaps, some supermarkets are easily turning a profit using the robots for product placement using this exact method!


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