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Enhance Efficiency and Service at Your Restaurant

Implementing serving robots in a restaurant setting offers a plethora of advantages, revolutionizing operational efficiency and customer service dynamics. These robotic assistants play a pivotal role in expediting order fulfillment, ensuring swift and accurate delivery of meals to customers. Their precision in navigating through bustling environments minimizes wait times and enhances the overall efficiency of the restaurant, especially during peak hours. Serving robots contribute significantly to streamlined workflows, allowing human staff to focus on more intricate tasks, thereby augmenting the overall dining experience. By automating routine tasks like order delivery, the robots not only enhance the speed of service but also reduce the margin of error, ensuring consistently high-quality interactions. In terms of hygiene, serving robots minimize direct human contact with food, adhering to stringent health and safety standards. This not only reassures customers but also underscores the restaurant's commitment to cleanliness. Additionally, the introduction of serving robots adds a contemporary and innovative touch to the dining experience, creating a unique selling proposition for the restaurant. Customers are likely to appreciate the fusion of technology and service, making their dining journey memorable and ensuring repeat business.


Ideal models for deployment in restaurants, fast food and QSR establishments

Our most common deployments in restaurants are the BellaBot and HolaBot as they offer immense capacity and robustness needed for most restaurant operations. Both models offer 4 trays standard with a total weight capacity ranging from 88lbs to 132lbs. These are heavy duty models that can withstand the traffic and duty cycles encountered in high volume restaurants. The cost savings of using these service robots are considerable, not only from a labor cost standpoint, but also the dramatic reduction in injuries and workers compensation payouts from spilling hot liquids, handling hot objects and carrying heavy loads. Smaller facilities can take advantage of KettyBot and its smaller size, while facilities looking for a no-frills delivery experience can opt for PuduBot 2. For those looking for an automated beverage dispensing solution, don't forget to consider the DrinkBot for quick, craft beverages made on the fly. With its innovative BIB mixing system, create drink menus that best align with the foods served at your establishment and dispense them with ease. Reorder BIBs easily on the robot so you never run out. The DrinkBot takes up less than 9 square feet of floor space but can generate thousands of dollars per month in additional profit!

Food Service Establishment
Challenges facing Restaurants, Fast Food and QSR Establishments
Health and Safety Hazards Stringent Health and Safety Regulations
Dealing with Spills Dealing with Spills
Patient and Family Satisfaction Guest Satisfaction
Reduce Operating Costs Reduce Operating Overhead
Labor Shortage Labor shortage and High Staff Turnover
Performance Measurement and Monitoring Performance Measurement and Monitoring
Demand for Quicker Turnaround Demand for Quicker Service
Very Large Areas Very Large Areas
Minimizing Dust and Debris Minimizing Dust and Debris
Various Floor Surface Types Various Floor Surface Types
Narrow Aisles and Tight Corners Narrow Aisles and Tight Corners
Heavy Foot Traffic Heavy Foot Traffic
Complex Floor Plan Complex Floor Plan
Sensitive to Noise Sensitive to Noise Pollution
Typical Characteristics of Restaurants, Fast Food and QSR Establishments

How Navia Robotics can help?

Improve Brand Image with Passengers Improve Customer Service and Dining Experience
Solve Hiring Challenges for Cleaning Staff Waitstaff Can React Quicker to Guest Needs
Mitigate Health and Safety Hazards Mitigate Health and Safety Hazards
Improve Brand Image with Cleaner Facilities Improve Brand Image with High Tech Robotics
Increase Cleaning Productivity Increase Worker Productivity
Drastically Cut Floor Cleaning Costs Drastically Cut Front End Labor Costs
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Broken Yolk Cafe
Pho 21
Master Kim's
Restaurant Service Robots
Food Service Robots

Robots that improve efficiency for restaurants, fast food and QSR establishments

Our restaurant service robots are the perfect addition to any food service establishment. With the movement towards providing better service while also reducing overhead costs, these robots are just the bridge to make that happen. What exactly can restaurant service robots do and how can they help your food service establishment?

In general, restaurant service robots have three primary functions:

1. Act as a host, taking guests to their tables
2. Delivering food from the kitchen to the guest's table
3. Bus dirty dishes from the tables back to the dishwasher

Restaurant Hosting/Receptionist Robots

1. Hosting/Receptionist Robots

For many busy restaurants, the challenge we hear from owner/operators is having to need more than one host to greet customers out front. The problem they have is, if the receptionist has to go seat the guests themselves, the front desk has no one there to greet guests as they walk in the door while the host is seating guests. This is especially problematic at larger restaurants where it may take 2 to 3 minutes to go seat the guest and return to the front desk. One especially large restaurant we consulted had 4 hosts to ensure someone is able to greet guests as multiple hosts were either walking guests to their seat, or taking reservations or orders over the phone. It was largely inefficient, and during times or days when it wasn't as busy, the hosts would end up doing nothing or passing time chatting with each other, neither of which looked professional for the image of the restaurant.

They were able to reduce the hosting staff by half and see no reduction in customer service or response time by deploying two of our receptionist robots up front. No matter how busy it got, the robots could take the guests to tables nonstop and return, allowing the human hosting staff to be stationed at the front at all times. A person would always greet guests as they walked in, and guests would be taken to their tables efficiently and accurately. The robots themselves can bring menus, tableware and napkins at all times, making the operation run smoothly. The models that are best suited for this purpose are the KettyBot and the BellaBot.

Food Delivery Robots

2. Food Delivery Robots

Let's face it, a waiter can only carry a few dishes per trip. Large bowls of soup or hot plates can be dangerous to carry and drinks for a large party can be a challenge, requiring the right balance of concentration, strength and balance to get everything to the guest's table safely. We've heard from restaurant owners from a variety of food genres mention the issue of wait staff or even customers having burned their hands or other bodily parts from accidents involving delivering hot foods. How do you easily address that?

That's where the delivery robot comes in to save the day. Our food delivery robots feature multiple expansive trays, allowing the robot to take food 6 to 8 full size plates or more in one trip. Hot plates and soups aren't a problem, the robots have advanced suspension systems to ensure food and drinks are safely delivered without spilling. Normally they're stationed somewhere close to the kitchen where the food comes out, the wait staff can input the table number for the robot to make the deliver to, and the robot will go about its way and return upon completion of the task. The models that are best suited for this purpose are the BellaBot, the PuduBot and the PuduBot 2.

Table Bussing Robots

3. Table Bussing Robots

Every restaurant we've worked with has always mentioned how difficult it is to find good bussing staff. It's a tough, unappreciated job, cleaning up dirty dishes and cups, putting them into trays and carrying them or carting them over to the dishwasher. It's a dirty task that has to be done and it's pretty difficult to keep it out of sight from other restaurant patrons. It's no wonder that it's hard to find workers to handle bussing tables.

Fortunately, we have robots that are perfectly suited for the task. Robots like our HolaBot can be remotely dispatched by your bussing staff to start heading over to the table while your staff starts filling up bussing tubs with cups and plates. Once the robot arrives, they simply load the robot up and the robot will take the trays over to the dishwasher, discreetly and efficiently. Our bussing robots can carry anywhere from 90 to 132 pounds of dishes in one trip, far more than any person can possibly carry. On our HolaBot, three of the sides are fully enclosed so the bussing tubs are out of sight from other restaurant patrons while taking them to the back. The models that are best suited for this purpose are the BellaBot, the HolaBot, the PuduBot and PuduBot 2, .
Drink Barista Robots

4. Intelligent Beverage Barista Robots

For many restaurants, developing a drink menu is often an after-thought and it really shows. Drink preparation also takes up a lot of room for the prep area and to store the ingredients. Fortunately, our DrinkBot Pro makes it easy to offer an extensive, craft beverage experience with minimal space. Utilizing an advanced algorithmic dispensing system, there are over 300 distinct beverage recipes available and we can work with you to offer the best flavors to suit the foods served at your establishment.

DrinkBot Pro is so user friendly and intuitive to use, it requires minimal staff training and anyone with half a brain can start dispensing drinks with complex receipes in seconds. The system can also be linked to a carbonated water line to make sparkling drinks of various flavors. In addition, it can be linked to various base hard liquors to create a wide array of cocktails within seconds. For busier operations, drinks can be entered in queue and DrinkBot Pro will dispense them one by one with no chance for any mistakes. Take a look at DrinkBot Pro to generate additional revenue with minimal effort!
Restaurant Service Robot Lineup
DrinkBot Pro

DrinkBot Pro is the best robot barista on the market today, with its amazing throughput and capabilities. Far more effective and efficient compared to other robot baristas, DrinkBot Pro can craft premium coffees, teas, milk teas, lemonade, frescas and fruit cocktails, smoothies and more! Quick and easy to use, DrinkBot Pro allows you to queue up orders and automatically dispenses drinks consistently every time. If you're a restaurant looking to expand your beverage menu, look no further.

Our latest premium service delivery robot, BellaBot inherits all the iterative advancements of the previous generation models while incorporating the latest human-robot interaction capabilities. Featuring voice recognition, cute animations, redundant obstacle avoidance systems and many other new functions, BellaBot provides customers with the ultimate food delivery robot experience.

For large carrying capacity, look no further, HolaBot is at your service. With intelligent paging and voice control function, HolaBot is designed to boost efficiency and productivity in restaurants, hospitals, warehouses and factories.

KettyBot is our reception and greeting specialist robot. With a large 18.5" display screen, it can cruise around the entrance displaying marketing ads, escort guests to their table all the while retaining the ability to carry loads in the built-in trays. It's capable of AI voice interaction with guests to catch their attention and impress!

PuduBot is our restaurant workhorse, with large expansive space, high clearance between trays, clean design along with dual visual and LIDAR navigation, it does everything you need from an intelligent service robot bar-none.
PuduBot 2

PuduBot 2 is the next generation restaurant workhorse with dual LIDAR sensors and vertical visual SLAM sensor for better, accurate positioning, large expansive easy to access trays, and fully sealed water resistant construction, it does everything you need from an intelligent restaurant robot with aplomb.

Restaurant Service Robot Comparison

Model DrinkBot Pro BellaBot HolaBot KettyBot PuduBot PuduBot 2
Length 30.0" 22.3" 21.3" 17.8" 20.3" 22.3"
Width 27.0" 21.2" 20.9" 17.2" 19.7" 21.1"
Height 67.0" 50.8" 48.3" 43.5" 50.7" 50.8"
Empty Weight 440lbs 130lbs 132lbs 84lbs 77lbs 86lbs
# of Trays N/A 4 4 2 + bussing tub 3, 7 optional 3, 7 optional
Tray Capacity N/A 22.5lbs 33.0lbs 22.5lbs 22.5lbs 30lbs
Total Capacity N/A 90lbs 132lbs 66lbs 66lbs 90lbs
Tray Width N/A 18.8" 17.8" 13.9" 15.5" bottom, 19.7" 20.5"
Tray Depth N/A 15.0" 14.0" 13.4" 16.0" bottom, 17.0" 17.0"
Tray Height N/A Fixed Adjustable Fixed Adjustable Adjustable
Battery Life N/A 12-24 hours, hot swappable 10-24 hours, hot swappable 8-12 hours 10-24 hours 10-24 hours
Charging Time N/A 4.5 hours 4.5 hours 4.5 hours 4 hours 3 hours
Travel Speed N/A 0.5-2.5mph 0.5-2.5mph 0.5-2.5mph 0.5-2.5mph 0.5-2.5mph
Max Climbing Angle N/A 5° Incline 5° Incline 5° Incline 5° Incline 5° Incline
Minimum Aisle Width N/A 27.6" 31.5" 21.7" 31.5" 31.5"
Screen Size 15.6" 10.1" 10.1" 10.1" top, 18.5" front 7.0" 7.0"

Feature Set

Beverage Dispensing
Food Delivery
Guest Seating / Receptionist
Advertisement Screen
Optional Fully Enclosed Tray Cabinet
Animated Facial Expressions
Arrival Audio Notice
Multiple Language Support
Remote Dispatch
Birthday / Celebration Mode
Cruise Mode
Visual SLAM Positioning
Visual Depth Sensor
LIDAR SLAM Positioning
LIDAR Obstacle Avoidance

Sensor Suite

RGBD Camera Sensor N/A
2D LIDAR Sensor N/A
Infrared Tray Sensor N/A
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